4 Backyard Activities to keep kids busy all summer

Summer is here! A backyard is often one of the main draws of a house. There are many advantages to having a backyard beyond relaxing with a cool beverage on a nice set of patio furniture. Are you prepared to keep the kids occupied at home? Read on to get ideas for backyard activities to keep the kids busy and actively learning through play all summer. They will build important foundational skills for their body and brain all while having fun!

Making S’mores

Thanks to @houseonoakhill for sharing stunning pictures!

Making s’mores at home is one of the best frugal summer activities we can think of! Although, if you want a more traditional s’mores experience, it’s not too difficult to make your own campfire by constructing with Phi Villa fire pit! Seriously such a fun memory for the kids…and YOU!

Lemonade stand

It’s almost a rite of passage for every child—selling lemonade to the neighborhood on hot summer days. When your child is bored this summer, tear them away from TV and get them outside. Building a homemade lemonade stand is an easy and fun way for you and your child to spend time together.

Camp Overnight in the Backyard

Family Food Reunion

Family reunions are a joyous time full of fun, laughter, food, drinks and love. When your entire family comes together, you’ll have unforgettable memories to look back on. However, a lot of planning and organizing goes into hosting a successful family reunion — especially with the food. Whether you’re meeting for one night or several, you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of food and drinks planned to satisfy everyone’s palates.

Mother's day