How to decorate your balcony?

Maybe you don’t have a large backyard with swimming pool and patio seating space. But if you do have a balcony, a little attention can turn it into a favorite outdoor hangout too. Check out these ideas about how decorate your balcony.

1. Patio Sofa

A 3-piece rattan sofa with outdoor cushions transform the small balcony into a cozy outdoor seating space. A right rug is also a key point to make your space modern and stylish.


2. Bistro set

Who doesn't love a simple but classic patio bistro set? One small table for putting two cup of coffee and several books you like.


3. Lounge chair

If you like spending a lot of time on your balcony, it’s really important to design your outdoor space with comfort in mind. Adding in a lounge chair is an ideal solution—allowing a place to sit and relax after a day’s work.

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