How To DIY Shiplap Mantel With Phi Villa Electric Fireplace?

Pictures & DIY Ideas shared by Shaw Avenue!

"Hello Love! Wintertime is here and we’re getting our home prepared for the frigid temps that will be upon us soon. We have a fireplace in our living room that helps make it all warm & cozy this time of year. It’s so great to turn on the TV, grab a cozy blanket and snuggle…Let’s dive into it!"

“The first step in creating any Shiplap accent wall around a fireplace is to remove anything that is already there. We have a big cabinet and a dresser in the living room and it’s hard to decide which one should be left. It’s lucky for us to make the right decision!”

“Things to take into consideration when building a frame are the size of your fireplace. Once it was constructed, we pushed it up into place on the wall and temporarily secured the fireplace in place to confirm if the frame works for it.”

“We did the first side of our wall and then moved over to the other wall and completed the exact same process.”

“With the walls done, it was time to install the shiplap on the pop out we cut for the fireplace.”

“With everything in place, it was time to finish up the shiplap fireplace! It might look like white shiplap from the store is nice and ready to go once installed, but you have to paint it, even if you are painting it white. We used a small brush to get into the small grooves between the panels.”

“How incredible does this DIY shiplap fireplace look!! This was a lot of work and definitely takes some time, but the impact is incredible. We are so excited for this shiplap wall to be the focal point of our bedroom for years to come. It’s the first thing you see when you walk through our room and we love that we did it all ourselves!”

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