Ideas to keep the backyard party going

Summer is quickly approaching and it just makes you want to get outside and enjoy the weather while you can. One of my favorite parts of summer is inviting friends and family over, grab some yummy treats and enjoy the party night. There are several accessories that really will enhance the use, versatility and entertainment factor of backyard!

1. Set Up the Fire Pit Area

If you’re like one of the many who bought a fire pit in the summer, time to have a backyard bonfire party now! Classic Adirondack chairs are always an affordable option, getting creative with seating can go a long way when building an outdoor fire pit area. 

2. Decorate String white round lights around the yard

While the fire from the pit will provide lighting on its own, having low voltage lighting or string lights around the space (not over the fire) can certainly add to the ambiance, making the design all the more magical. It's a relatively easy and inexpensive add-on that can really elevate the space.

3. Get Some Comfortable Seating

There is nothing that can ruin a backyard party night more than not having anywhere comfortable to sit. To create the classic garden party look, think wicker sofa set with extra cushions. It is also not a bad idea to have a few extra blankets around in case it gets chilly as the sun goes down.

4. Choose Multi-functional Fire Pit Table

And with the amount of snacks and food we make around the fire pit, having some kind of tables are a must. The fire pit table not only adds warmth and ambiance to your backyard but also provides a space for food and drinks. Grab yourself a pack of marshmallows for roasting and a mug of hot chocolate, and you’ve got yourself your own bonfire event!

5. Toast To Friends & Family

Picture provided by @junktales

A warm fire, cozy blankets, and good friends are all something worthy of a toast. Relax by the fire, tell stories and make memories while sipping a seasonal beer or something hot and delicious like spiced apple cider.

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