The Phi Villa story began with our need and desire to provide stylish outdoor furniture with competitive price.

Almost everybody can remember a pleasant experience at some point in their lives that involved laying on the sofa and chatting with friends and family, sitting on the chairs and having breakfast or a fantastic dinner with the one we love.

Now we have a patio of our own!

The only problem we need to consider is that it is really hard to find the perfect patio furniture you like. And most furniture we find is really expensive.

That’s why Phi Villa was created!

Phi Villa, has a designer team with a group of professionals who have worked in the garden furniture market for many years and their designs have already been proved popular and long last over past years. We want to assure that all of you could get anything you need to decorate your patio or completely remodel your garden.

PHI VILLA produces a specific range of garden furniture which includes Patio Sofa and Sectional, Outdoor Dining Set, Patio Bistro Set, Conversation Set, Patio Umbrella etc. From 3 to 10 pieces, you could find the right one either for small space or large area.

Choosing an outdoor furniture based on the way it looks may not be wrong, but the quality and how much maintenance need to do on it really matters a lot. Phi Villa provide high quality products with durable, weather-resistant and breathable material which make it perfect for outdoor long-time use. 

Life gets better with Phi Villa