Ideas For Your Outdoor Table Centerpiece

A great table centerpiece can help pull a room together, and it makes a dining room look less empty when it's not being used — and the same goes for your outdoor dining space. Finding the perfect indoor centerpiece is often as easy as looking around the room and getting an idea of what would go well with what's already there, but what do you do for an outdoor dining room, where there isn't necessarily a lot of design inspiration? Here are a few suggestions on outdoor table centerpieces, depending on the environment they're meant for.

1. Eye-Catching Vases

A classic idea for any outdoor dining table is a pottery or glass vase. A spherical vase is an excellent addition to any outdoor design, whether it will complement a contemporary or a rustic style. What you put inside the vase is up to you, but it could be anything from a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, willow twigs, dried ornamental grasses, or even inorganic objects like marbles.

2. Farmhouse Snacking

Part of enjoying what a backyard has to offer means staying energized and refreshed. What better way to keep everyone smiling and healthy than with some readily available fruits on the centerpiece of your outdoor dining table. Even when it’s time to chow down on a feast, these fruits are easily reachable for everyone as the finishing touch to a big meal.

3. Modern Succulent Planters

Succulents are hardy plants that are easy keepers, requiring minimal watering. These beautiful plants exemplify nature’s simple beauty which makes them ideal for simple centerpieces. 

4. Everyday Dishware and Glasses

Glass and dishware make good indoor and outdoor centerpieces. Glass, matching serving dishes, appetizer platters, and trays, keeping it simple with a set of single-hued serve ware can instantly add a classy feel to your patio table decorations and impress your friends with your sense of style. One great use for these materials is to add light as well as beauty.

5. Mix Organic and Sculptural

Update the look of your outdoor area with bold complementary colors. Mix sculpture, white plates with lemons, candles and greenery to add style and functionality to your patio table decorating ideas. By picking unique and lively pieces, you can refresh your space with ease.


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